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Andy Anderson has been shooting anything outdoors for the last 10 years. His Artful eye can be found in all aspects of photography from majestic fly fishing to in your face basketball.

Without formal training, Andy decided to pick up a camera while working as a fishing guide in Alaska. Over time he developed a deep connection to photography that obsessed him. He handed the fishing rods over and spent his free time shooting film.

At the encouragement of friends and family, Andy decided to pursue a career in commercial photography. Extensive personal research on photography and endless trial and error with various photographic equipment and film turned a hobby into a profession. The result is elegant b&w and color photography of people interacting with their natural environment that is garnering national attention.

For the last year Andy worked full time active duty for the Air Force's fire department and shot for Men's Journal as a staff photographer. His recent retirement from the Air Force will allow him to concentrate all his energy towards photography.

Along with cover shots and features for Men's Journal he has worked with award winning Advertising agencies on campaigns such as US Bank, W.L. Gore & Associates, 3M, Columbia Sportswear and Massachusetts Tourism. Andy was also recently featured in the March 2000 issue of Photo District News.

With a firm belief that you are only as good as your last image, Andy can always be found continuing the quest for the perfect image.

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