5107 Douglas Fir Road
Calabasas, California 91302
(818) 223-8184

The fresh photography of Caesar Lima keeps us guessing as to what innovations he will create next. The merging of photography and computers is what gives Caesar's work an edge. Although the line that is drawn between these two mediums is unclear, obscured in his work, he likes it that way. Caesar won an award for best digital photography. Ironically, the photo that was selected out of fifty of his submissions was the only one that was not digitally enhanced, it was pure photography. Caesar found this amusing. "To not be clearly judged, to do off-the-wall opposite, opposite of the purist, that is the kick I get. The thrill is to do the wrong thing". Said like a true fringe rebel, last years cutting edge may not cut it today.

This is why Caesar continually checks out new innovative equipment such as computer controlled robot lights. In this rapidly evolving industry, to keep growing is necessary. Caesar keeps a finger on the digital pulse of the Zeitgeist. Whether showing a non-retouched photo or digitally enhanced photo, you can bet that Caesar's work produces an explosive charge. Many ideas come late at night, prompting him to wake up early and jump-start these dream-state discoveries. "I am an open door to new ideas, open 24 hours a day". Caesar speaks of the cycle in which the underground becomes an identity, then mainstream, then crash course, then burn out. Driven by technology, Caesar is on the cutting edge of the industry.

He is a leader in his field, savoring every step of the way it takes to get there. When thinking about the future, Caesar sees technological advances which will make it possible to exceed the limits and max out artistic creativity. Eventually, mental images that are conjured up while brainstorming will be seen splattered across a visual plain. Intensive variations will be heightened which will have more velocity, more variety and more options.

By Malinda Myers.

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