Donald M. Cook
2714 Fleur Drive
San Marino, CA 91108

ph: (626) 799-4835
(626) 799-1693

As a boy I had an appreciation for beautiful paintings. By the time I reached junior high, it had become obvious to me that I had limited ability with an artists brush. Abandoning my dream of being a painter, I began to take black and white photos with an Agfa 120 that I had won in a local drug store contest. In the 1950's, I acquired a Retina III-C 35mm split image rangefinder and went off to germany to serve my country. I took full advantage of the great photography opportunities. I used Kodachrome exclusively which had an ASA of 10 or 12, but it opened a whole world of color.

What started off as a hobby became a real passion. I gave up golf a few years ago to spend more of my free time traveling around the West looking for photo opportunities.

I consider myself a serious amateur, one who derives great pleasure painting pictures with my camera. Perhaps due to my childhood spent in the Red River Valley in North Dakota, I have a deep love of nature. I have equally strong feelings for mankind and the beauty human beings have created. This explains my efforts to compose pictures which are simple and honest. Beauty is all around us waiting to be recognized and appreciated. The artist records it on canvas with his brush - I record it on film with my camera.

Donald's color photographs are available for business and private acquisition.

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