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 A former professional motorcycle racer and motorcycle magazine editor, Jim Gianatsis operates a successful advertising and photography agency in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles named Gianatsis Design, which specializes in the fashion and motorsports markets. Jim is a also a contributing feature photographer for Easyriders Publications and its five magazines which include easyriders and VQ, plus other fashion and motorsports magazines worldwide.

 Gianatsis Design produces its own line of specialty motorcycle calendars just for the motorsports market. Shooting his calendars gives Jim the opportunity to combine his three favorite passions in, photography and beautiful models. When he's not out shooting bikes and models, Jim can usually be found out blasting one of his own sportbikes on the mountain roads around Los Angeles.

 Every summer on the 3rd. Sunday in July, Gianatsis Design produces the Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show at the Santa Monica Airport's Museum of Flying, which is the biggest custom and high performance motorcycle show in America. Many of the motorcycles and beautiful models featured in Jim's calendars are in attendance at the show. You can find out more about Jim's Calendars and the Bike Show on the web at

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