Stephen Ingram's interest and passion for the natural world was inspired by the backpacking he did in the Sierra as a high school student, and later traveling in Australia. While climbing trees and working on an M.S. degree in Botany studying epiphytes in the spectacular cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica, Stephen spent as much time as possible photographing colorful fungi, weird insects, tiny flowering orchids, and other cloud forest plants. About ten years ago, after doing botanical research at Florida's Selby Botanical Gardens, with numerous trips to Central America, he decided to pursue nature photography and writing full-time, back in his native California.
Stephen specializes in photography of plants and landscapes, often using plants as important foreground compositional elements. Although he still tries to get the good, sharp documentary images of flowers for possible use in field guides, Stephen loves to come away from a subject with a more abstract, unique image. Most of his photos are from the western U.S., especially California's Eastern Sierra region. A small but growing searchable database of images is available on his website at
Some of Stephen's photos are sold through the Animals Animals/Earth Scenes stock agency. His photos have been published in numerous books, calendars, field guides, as notecards, for advertising, and in magazines such as The American Gardener, Backpacker, California Wild, Nature's Best, Outdoor California, Sierra, Sierra Heritage, and others. Stephen lives with his wife, Karen, and their dog, Jasper, in the Eastern Sierra.

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