Canoga Park, CA. USA
ph: 818.888.9092

Represented by: Jan Strømme

Bob Jensen has been hooked on photography since the age of 15, when his grandmother in Japan gave him his first camera, a Yashica Electro 35. Since then, Bob has built his photographic library with the use of his complete Nikon system and Olympus Macro equipment. "I used to shoot everything in sight, but am now more content photographing my favorite subject - Nature."

Having obtained a Master's Degree in Biology, with a specialization in Entomology (Insects and Scorpions), along with his extensive field experience and contacts, Bob has been able to capture the miniature world of insects. "Knowing the behavior of particular insects, and where and when they are available, gives one a definite advantage in capturing them on film." Recent annual trips to Arizona have yielded many new images, including some being used by the USDA for educational purposes. Bob loves using the computer to create Entomological posters, bookmarks, and greeting cards, that he can share with others. He also participates in annual "Insect Fairs" where his photos are used to educate other nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Besides nature, Bob also enjoys travel photography, and occasional trips to photograph sand sculptures created by his friend Gerry Kirk of Sandworld International. Gerry's creations have been featured all over the world, and range from very small, highly detailed models, to a Guiness world record sculpture 64 feet in height.

Bob has also won several photo awards, including the Grand Prize in the Kodak/Popular Photography Annual Medium Format contest; a First and Second Place in the Popular Photography Annual Photo contest for "Animals" and "Digital Imaging"; a Best of Show in Contemporary at the Photographic Society of America's annual slide competition, and was a finalist in the Photographer's Forum Canon Photo contest. He has been published in IFPO, Popular Photography, Peterson's Photographic, ZooLife Magazine, Ninja Magazine, SWAT Magazine, and Time-Life Books.

Bob is married and has two children. He is also a member of The Centre for the Advancement of Protective Studies, and in his "spare time", enjoys teaching realistic self-protection seminars for men and women.

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