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e-mail: bradsheard@earthlink.net

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Marine life photography represented by Mondragon Photography;
(503) 392-5846; www.mondragonphotography.com

Introduced to the magic of ships and the sea at an early age by his grandfather, Brad began shooting underwater images in 1978 in the waters surrounding his native Long Island. His passion for shipwrecks and photography has led him around the globe in pursuit of historic subjects—from the luxury liner Andrea Doria to the Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor in U.S. waters to the underwater remains of WW II in Europe and the Pacific, as well as the shipwrecks at Bikini Atoll’s atomic testing ground.

In addition to being published in various magazines, Brad has authored two books on shipwrecks: Beyond Sportdiving: Exploring the Deepwater Shipwrecks of the Atlantic (Menasha Ridge Press, 1991), and the extensively illustrated Lost Voyages: Two Centuries of Shipwrecks in the Approaches to New York (Aqua Quest Publications, 1998).

Brad moved to the Seattle area in 1997 and expanded his photographic interests to include the wide variety of fantastically colorful marine life of Puget Sound and British Columbia. His special areas of Pacific Northwest interest include orcas, the giant octopus and the plight of the Pacific salmon.

When he’s not diving or building underwater housings, Brad spends his time on dry land as a Boeing aerospace engineer.

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