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A note about Timothy from The Darkroom.

To be honest, we have come close to taking down this showcase of Timothy Treadwell's photography. We get many emails from people that are angry either about what he represented himself to be, or what he caused to happen to the bears and his girlfriend. The Darkroom is where Timothy got his photo processing done. He was a loyal customer, and had some very unique photography. Nothing more. The Darkroom did NOT sponsor Timothy and never gave money or product to his cause.
We have left the showcase on the web site in spite of the emails we get because we feel his work belongs here strictly on the merits of the photography itself. We hope that what we have on the web site is not offensive to anyone. That's not what we're here for. We just hope that the anyone with such strong opinions on these matters were as vocal when Timothy was alive as they are after his death. If after reading this, you still feel like being heard, your efforts would be best served by contacting Timothy's actual sponsors.

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