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The following biography was given to us by Timothy when he was alive and has only been slightly edited to better fit out format. The Darkroom did not endorse or sponsor Timothy in any way. We realize how controversial Timothy's work was, but his inclusion here is based solely on the merits of his photography and the fact that he was a loyal customer of The Darkroom.

Timothy Treadwell has lived with wild Alaskan grizzlies since the late 1980's. From late spring to autumn he immerses himself among these fascinating animals, who combine fearsome power and emotional depth unseen in most creatures. Living without weapons or fire, Treadwell studies the animals, all the while protecting them from humans who would kill them for trophies and valuable body parts. During march of each year Treadwell ventures to the icy waters off Eastern Canada with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to protect harp seals. When not living with wild animals, Treadwell tours the world on an educational campaign to preserve nature and life on earth. Treadwells first book about living with Alaskan bears will be available February of 1999 titled, Among Grizzlies. The publisher is Ballentine Books and any of Treadwells proceeds will go back to the preservation effort. Treadwell's photographic images are made possible by an equipment grant from the Minolta Corporation. All images on the web page were taken using the Minolta 9xi with a 300mm APO 2.8 lens or 80-200mm APO 2.8. For more information send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Timothy Treadwell
P.O. Box 2872
Malibu, Ca. 90265

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