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David Welling has been a wildlife and nature photographer since 1990, utilizing 35mm and 6x7 formats. He has photographed our Western National Parks and Wildlife Refuges, the Eastern Sierras, Alaska, Canadian Barren Lands, and the Southwestern U.S.. His most recent coverage includes South Texas and Louisiana, and Canadian Northwest Territories wildlife. He has also photographed in Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, and Venezuela including Angel Falls.

David has been published in Birder's World, Living Bird, Nature's Best, Nature Photographer magazines, as well as Audobon, Sierra Club, Day Dream, GoldenTurtle Press, Landmark, National Wildlife Federation, and World Wildlife Fund calendars. He is a charter member of the North American Nature Photographers' Association, and the Nikon Professional System, and is listed in the AG Editions Green Book.

David is represented by Animals Animals/Earth Scenes, BBC Natural History Unit Picture Library, and Photo 254 Stock Agencies.


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