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Chuck Zlotnick has always had a great love for images. His father Marc Zlotnick saw this and bought him his first camera when he was a child and constantly fed and pushed his love for visual expression. Chuck didn't have to travel far from his home town of Van Nuys, California to break into the world of professional photography when four-time Oscar winner and “special effects wizard” Stan Winston, of Stan Winston Studio in Van Nuys, hired him to take archival footage of his creations, (the Terminator, the Predator, and the Queen Alien in Aliens, just to name a few). Eventually, his ultimate goal was met when he was given the opportunity to shoot stills on set. Chuck thrives on the bright lights and the hustle and is driven by the excitement of capturing the magic with his camera. Several of his shots have been published in various magazines, newspapers and promotional advertisements, such as Time Magazine, USA Today, The Rob Report, Smoke Magazine, CINEFEX, and the 1997 Cannes Film Festival program.
Last year Chuck moved on from Staff Photographer at Stan Winston Studio to become a freelance photographer for films. After shooting several jobs for Captive Audience he is now working with an independent film director who is interested in inserting several still shots into his film. When working on personal work he likes to experiment with other types of photography often taking day trips to unique places or attending community events with the hopes of capturing amazing moments on film. Chuck wants to use his own experiences and success to reach out to others and to convince everyone with a dream to pursue it with passion. "We all posses the power to make our dreams come true!" Film credits include:

Jurassic Park
The Lost World
Batman Returns
Interview with the Vampire
Michael Jackson's Ghosts
Small Soldiers
Lake Placid
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Sixth Sense
End of Days
Galaxy Quest
Bicentennial Man

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